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Breaking Bad Vamanos Pest Mens Soft Gray Heather T-Shirt

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  • The classic cartoon logo for Vamonos Pest Control, the front business from the TV show, Breaking Bad!
  • Vamonos Pest was a fumigation business owned by Ira who sold it to Mike, Walter White, and Jesse Pinkman as a front for their meth business.
  • Officially Licensed Breaking Bad
  • Adult men's US sizes, standard fit and length.
  • Soft Cotton Polyester Blend material
  • Machine washable. "Preshrunk" makes the fabric less likely to shrink, but it doesn't mean it won't shrink again, so dry low or air dry.

In the television show, Breaking Bad, Walter White creates a side business in an RV out in the desert to pay for the many debts piling up in his life and adopts the name Heisenberg to hide his true identity. When the RV is no longer an option and he and his partner, Jesse Pinkman need a place to work, they hide their work in a fumigation company - Vamanos Pest Control. This soft cotton t-shirt shows the logo for this business! Wear this and tell your friends, "I am the danger" and watch them back away much intimidated and perplexed.

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