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Hello, and welcome to Haunted Flower!  Thank you so much for stopping by, we really appreciate all our visitors.  You've found a little corner of the internet that loves to celebrate the crazy, silly, nerdy, FAN-tastic things that make up our culture.  It's all about the things we love to love, like your favorite movie, TV show or video game.  It is all about showing that love with eye-catching, cheer-inspiring items that put a smile on your face.

Haunted Flower launched in 2007 with the simple mission of getting items our customers want into their hands.  Since those humble beginnings in a two bedroom apartment, we have never compromised on shipping items quickly and safely, and we only work with partners that take this as seriously as we do.  But that is only half the mission.  Who cares about fast and safe shipping unless you have products people really, REALLY want?  So we go out every day and try to find the best stuff, the coolest stuff, the most exciting stuff that we can.  We find products worthy of compliments from fellow fans and we make them available to you with fast shipping and great service.  We want to get that must-have shout-out-loud item into your hands!
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