September 04 2016 Sunday at 10:03 AM

See you on another plane

Just a quick post to try to give some closure to any readers who desire it.

The blog is taking a vacation due to a change in the overall focus of my life.  I am trying to get an exciting and time-devouring business venture off the ground, the time has to come from somewhere and the blog is a prime target.  While I have been fortunate and able to give 3 to 6 hours a week to writing and formatting in the past, I simply cannot make that time with my current pile of commitments and still leave time for some Magic downtime.  The best place to catch me is my Twitch channel.  Now Twitch hasn’t been great since the expansion, and hopefully Kaladesh will fix those connection issues and you will see me on Twitch more.

I am in the tough spot where I can play the game or write about the game, but I don’t have time for both.  My choice is to play, I am sure my readers, who are all players themselves, can understand that.  And never say never.  I am not deleting the blog or the entries, they are still there, and maybe I’ll pull time together for a few posts to wrap up tournaments, metas, expansion cycles, ect.  For now, regular contributions are a thing of the past or of the distant future.  Thanks for reading!

<3 CGB

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