July 20 2016 Wednesday at 11:55 AM

EDM Release and what-the-hell-happened-to-me post


First, I haven’t quit Magic or Duels, and I don’t hate everyone from NGA.  I have quite the distaste for some people, but I didn’t disappear out of rage.  I’ll tell a brief version of what the hell happened to me, but first I want to say that I am planning an Eldritch Moon release stream tonight and I hope you, all of my awesome readers, will come join me for fun with new cards.


I will likely be live not long after the update drops.

I expect to answer a certain question a lot tonight - where have I been?

In mid-May, I went on vacay and ended up ignoring Duels and my blog while I was gone.  That ended in mid June.  Sometime in there I had a real hard time writing.  Part of it was that I lost the inspiration to write.  I didn’t feel invested in the current competitive events, and that is likely because of my vacation, I never really found my way back into it.  I also didn’t enjoy some of the interactions I had when I came back, and I found writing for the community difficult.  So I took a blog break to see if the spark would reignite.  I still made a few Twitch videos, and things went well.

Then the professional side of my life got hit by a train.  This happened around the last week of June.  To keep it brief, I had a lot of inventory issues, and I got on a plane to New Hampshire to go fix them.  I worked ten to twelve hour days for almost two weeks getting everything back in order.  While I was gone, I also had a crisis on the selling side of the business.  Amazon suspended our account, an act that could cost us $5k to $10k per day while shut down.  We were able to fix the issue, nothing illegal had been done and the damage was thankfully minor.  Still, my July has been stressful and completely occupied, and Magic has been firmly in the backseat.  I also can’t say that all of Haunted Flower’s issues are behind me, but I need to start making time for things I enjoy, and that means Magic.

I don’t hate NGA or the NGA community.  If I failed to be perfectly friendly, thoughtful or considerate when addressing community members and their ideas on my stream, try to take it as a sign that I feel comfortable enough with you to tell you how I really feel.  If you think my analysis is shallow, feel free to go do better on your own blog, forum posts, Twitch feed, YouTube video, podcast, or whatever you want to do, I will likely listen to it if my company isn’t on fire.  

The future - My company still has issues that require my time, which hasn’t been the case very often for the past year.  Magic and especially Magic Duels have received a lot more of my time than the average person has to give to a hobby, and that may have to change.  I don’t know if the blog will keep up.  I’m not ready to put it down like Old Yeller, but I can’t commit to a schedule or promise any amount of posts.  Twitch will likely continue, as it requires minimal work, just plug in some stuff and hit Broadcast.  I still want, and might argue NEED to play some Magic, so I am confident you will catch me on Twitch fairly often.  YouTube will continue

<3 CGB

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