April 05 2016 Tuesday at 11:22 AM

Enter Magic Duels Helper

Should I talk about this?  Will I really talk about this?  Yeah, I am going to...

I have plenty of love for No Goblins Allowed.  It introduced me to a great community, and it remains a hub of that community.  My blog started as a weekly post on their site, and thankfully nobody marked it as spam.

Lately there has been a lot of debate over there about the decklist forums.  I personally tried to start a poll about this because I found them frustrating to use and navigate.  My poll and revealed that there are many people who are very, VERY opinionated about forum structure to a degree that I never expected.  What seemed like a no-brainer for me was anything but to many other people.  Such is the nature of the world we live in, different strokes for different folks.

My post went nowhere, and the subject was revisited again just a month later.  Since that post happened, a new trend is showing up - players are making threads just to post their own decklists.  


Arrows are individual decklist threads, and highlights are threads that I feel are somehow related to the decklist threads.  As you can see, it is dominating the first page, and I am curious to see how NGA management responds.

I think it would be denial for some of these authors to say that ego isn't a part of this thread creation, after all what deckbuilder creates an NGA account who doesn't want people to follow, comment, discuss and give credit for their creations?  However, I think the deeper reason is that we all want a space of our own, or in this case a thread of our own, where we can see our work in one place.  A cookbook for our recipes, our own Pintrest board of Magic Duels awesomeness.

While I have no idea how this will play out on NGA, I wanted to make this post to let you users know that I have a found a site that can do this, and in my opinion is more optimized for this past-time of building and sharing decks -


Once you make a free account, you get to use their visual deck builder to brew to your heart's content.  

You get better visuals and breakdowns, including a mana curve, and you get a link to share your work.

I don't know who owns or runs the site, I have no financial reason for talking about it, I just found it helpful for what I am trying to do.  Going forward, you can click the link to CGB's Deck Box at the bottom of each article, or you can save a link to it, and you will find a blog post with links to my builds which are stored and public at http://www.magicduelshelper.com/decklist.  Also, if the owner/operator of Magic Duels Helper is a reader, please get in touch with me (lots of ways to do it), I have some ideas for your site and I just want to say thanks :)

Final thought - I hope this isn't seen by NGA as an attempt to divert their traffic.  As a user and advocate myself, I believe that NGA is an awesome hub for the community and resource for Duels players.  In this case, I think that users want something that NGA isn't built for and isn't trying to be built for, and I think another site offers better tools.  I love Apple.com, but I wouldn't tell you to buy a toaster there...unless they made one...

<3 CGB


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