April 04 2016 Monday at 02:20 PM

A day without rarity restrictions

I was on a flight from Orlando to Detroit, and when I switch my iPad to Airplane Mode it happened, and I still don’t know how.  When I entered my deckbuilder I had the option to increase the number of any non-Starter Box card to 6 copies.  Not 4, six!  I wonder how/why that is built in.  Regardless, I am a Magic purist at heart and I stuck to four copies.  I spent about an hour rebuilding and adapting my decks and proceeded to crush the AI for a few hours with max copies of Exquisite Firecraft and Nissa, Vastwood Seer.

When I reconnected to the server the next day, I was given a painful choice - Local or Cloud.  Local had zero unlocked cards and zero Gold.  Cloud had 42,000 Gold and all cards unlocked.  Cloud it was, and with that choice I lost my ability to play four to six copies of mythic rares.  Probably for the best, as I don’t know if I could have taken those decks on ladder in good conscience.  But I had a blast, and I was amazed by the power level and consistency that even our limited card pool can offer.  For example, my Ramp deck was by far the slowest deck I had.  Acid-Moss felt like a joke when I could be doing Jace/Chandra/Firecraft instead.  I hope I magically get the ability to release the restrictions on a future plane flight.

<3 CGB

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