March 19 2016 Saturday at 03:06 PM

Duels Diaries - Week 34 - The end is in sight!

Call it Magic March Madness...

Today’s Duels Diaries will focus on the results of the ongoing tournaments on iOS, XB1 and Steam.  The iOS tourney has its first finalist, the finals for the XB1 Double Elim event are set, and the Steam Showdown is entering the final swiss round to determine the top eight.  There is plenty to talk about and I am on a time crunch!  As I write this, my plane leaves in a few hours, so there is just enough time to crank out one more Duels Diaries entry before my week off!

iOS Tournament -

Yours truly managed to defeat DJ0045 and his Dimir Crats list to advance to the finals of the event.  I await the winner of Annuj and the wildcard playoff winner.  You can read about the deck I used HERE.

XB1 Double Elimination -

Seemingly out of nowhere, Green Ramp made a huge run on the top and bottom of the loser’s bracket - - in the hands of smokeyalaterz and HolySacreBlu.  This late run may help confirm what many believe - that Mono-Green Ramp is a top tier deck.  I still don’t have love for the deck, I just feel that Red adds too much to not use, but that doesn’t change the great results from last week.  In the end, it is smokeyalaterz who advances to the finals where he will have to beat MrNiceGuy’s Red Aggro twice to steal the title.

Smoke’s deck -

3 x jaddi offshoot

3 x gatecreeper vine

3 x elvish visionary

1 x nissa, vastwood seer

1 x reclamation sage

3 x primal huntbeast

1 x greenwarden of murasa

1 x woodland bellower

2 x gaea's revenge

3 x plated crusher

3 x primal bellow

4 x nissa's pilgrimage

4 x mwonvuli acid-moss

2 x nissa's renewal

2 x nissa's revelation

20 x forests

2 x rogue's passage

2 x mortuary mire

No Ulamog, no From Beyond, just the hexproof threats.  Interesting.

It is judgement day for the Steam Showdown participants.  With one round left to determine top eight, there is plenty on the line in a number of matches.

1) Kryder - Gruul Ramp - 4-0 vs Grimric - Jund - 3-1

Both players are already locked for top eight, the winner will likely be top seed.  Kryder has a chance to finish the Swiss undefeated.  

2) Yondar - Simic Tempo - 3-1 vs Darkshock - Jund Crats - 3-1

Winner gets in for sure, the loser likely gets in with good tie-breakers.

3) Boh - Red Aggro - 3-1 vs StepUp - Gruul Ramp - 3-1

Winner gets in for sure, loser likely gets in with good tie-breakers.

4) Terezin - Simic - 3-1 vs Spaunshadie - Jund Crats - 3-1

Winner is in for sure, but here is where the loser has to start sweating the breakers.

An interesting note - if intentional draws are/where allowed, the group above this sentence could all take intentional draws and we would have a clean cut top eight.

5) Legend - Red Aggro - 2-2 vs Pact - Abzan Ramp - 2-2

Winner has a real good chance of being in, loser is out.

6) Light - Sultai Control - 2-2 vs Qasim - Gruul Ramp - 2-2

Winner has to sweat the tie breakers, loser is out.

7) Dream Maker - Sultai Ramp - 2-2 vs Randomname - Orzhov Control - 2-2

Winner has a very small bit of hope on tie-breakers, loser is out.

8) Lionheart - Temur Ramp - 2-2 vs NightHawk233 - Temur Midrange - 2-2

Winner has an even smaller bit of hope, loser is out.

9) Beard - Naya Ramp - 2-2 vs Marnel.estrada - 4 Color Control - 1-3

Beard could win this, but I don’t see a world where his tiebreakers save him in the 3-2 scrum for top eight.

10) Tshirt vs WrightJustice

Just for fun, and tiebreakers for their past opponents.

11) Deusx_opic vs GTFL

Also just for fun, and tiebreakers for their opponents.

Top Eight - the order is not set.

1 - Kryder - Gruul Ramp

2 - Grimric - Jund - his breakers should get him in even if he loses

3 - Yondar/Darkshock winner (Simic, Jund Crats)

4 - Boh/StepUp winner (Red Aggro, Gruul Ramp)

5 - Terezin/Spaunshadie (Simic, Jund Crats)

6, 7, 8 - the 3-2 players with the best tie breakers, there could be as many as eight players fighting for these three spots.

It will be an exciting last round and I can’t wait to watch the matches!

On my stats sheet, the new top dog percentage-wise is Jund Crats, with Green Ramp making the most progress since last week.   Here are the top decks by win percentage -

  • Jund Crats - 77%
  • Gruul Ramp - 73%
  • Green Ramp - 71%
  • Jeskai Tokens - 61%
  • Simic/Sultai Ramp - 57%

  • That’s still a lot of Acid-Moss near the top.  If you want to check out the numbers, here is a link -

    I have to go pack for my trip, best of luck to the Steam Showdown participants and wish me luck in the iOS Finals!

    <3 CGB

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