March 14 2016 Monday at 04:53 PM

Duels to Watch - March 14th 2016

This is where I share links to my favorite Duels videos from this week.

Abzan Ramp vs Temur Midrange

While game one is flood city, game two is interesting and teaches the lesson that every point counts.  As you watch game two, try to see how many points of damage Nighthawk could have gained by playing more aggressively.

Sultai Control vs Orzhov Control

Control mages will like watching this, aggro and ramp fans may take a nap, but it is an interesting battle that highlights the power of planeswalkers and Gaea’s Revenge in control fights.  Oh, and hitting land drops matters too.

Simic Aggro vs Jund Ramp

Yondar puts some of the best and most patient next level play I have seen in a Duels match on tape in game one.  Watch it while you can before Twitch deletes it (unless Yondar exports it to YouTube).

Red Aggro vs Sultai Crats

This matchup shows why I removed Tutelage from my Sultai Crats deck.  It usually isn’t necessary to win, and it is a huge liability in matchups like this.  Drowner of Hope, however, is awesome, and game two shows why I added it to my list.

Gruul Ramp vs Sultai Ramp

If Blue Ramp decks could create a positive matchup with Gruul Ramp decks, they could compete for best-in-the-game status.  As it is, that doesn’t work.  If you need a larger sample size…

Jund Crats vs Sultai Control

17:50 - “We are in a pretty good situation”  Yeah, I agree.  Crats is a nightmare for control decks, and the versions that load up on planeswalkers are even more brutal.

Simic vs Abzan Ramp

A solid display of Counter-Lizard and what it does to control-ramp strategies.  In game two I’d ignore Nissa and bash face.

Simic vs Gruul Ramp

Billed as the game of the week, and a great rivalry game between good guys (Simic) and bad guys (Gruul), I haven’t even watched this yet and I still put it on the list :)

Plenty of Duels games for your watching pleasure this week, enjoy.

<3 CGB

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