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Duels to Watch - Episode One - March 7th 2016

Hello Duelers,

I watch a ton of Duels content on Twitch and YouTube.  This hasn’t always been easy.  As recently as last September I had a horrible time finding Duels content to watch.  I would search YouTube for new videos every single day, and it would be like Christmas if Legenvd or Hakeem928 graced us with a new decklist and a fun video.  Today the Duels content world is getting crowded.  You can watch someone play on Twitch or find new videos on YouTube every day, but with all that awesome selection comes the paradox of choice - I can’t watch all the videos, how do I chose the best ones?  If you face this problem, as I often do, I am here to help.  I watch a lot of Twitch and YouTube Magic Duels content so you don’t have to, and I am providing the matches and videos that I enjoyed the most from last week.  I am calling it Duels to Watch, let me know if you like it.

Terazin’s Simic Tempo/Control vs BBB’s Abzan Control

How’s your Russian?  Here’s a match that adds some international flavor to the blog.

Two very interesting lists doing battle in the Steam Showdown.  Check out the Nissa’s Revelation that dumps Retreat to Kazandu counters on a pair of Shambling Vents.  Now that is living the dream!

Jund Ramp vs Gruul Ramp

A good lesson on aggressive mulliganing.  If you keep a slow hand with your ramp deck, you may be asking for a horrible death.  Sometimes you have to mulligan to five, because if you don’t you’ve already lost.

Temur Midrange vs Sultai Fog

A very fun match to watch, close and tense, and Nighthawk’s reactions add to the drama.  A good time for sure.

Hakeem vs Mobius

This happened last Tuesday, but I watched it again for fun.  Good players, good decks, good times.  Neither of these Duels content titans have been making a lot of videos lately, so I’m glad to get this little piece of the ongoing rivalry between the salt king and the canadian lucksack.

Tevron plays Jeskai Control

A little self serving because he uses my list :)  In my opinion game three is the best of the bunch, a great back-and-forth with a Bant good-dudes deck.  

More new videos have just been posted, including more games from the Steam Showdown.  If you awesome readers enjoy this post, I’ll be back with more Duels to watch next week!


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